DPS Authorized Road Test

DPS Authorized Road Test

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Take your road test through Community Driving School, a DPS-authorized third party. 

The Third-Party Skills Testing (TPST) program was implemented on September 1, 2014, authorizing Commercial Driver Education schools that meet requirements set by the Department to administer the driving skills examination.

Community Driving School is an approved Third-Party Skills Testing school and may administer the driving skills examination to those who meet the criteria.

At the time of the test:

If you are 16 years of age or older:

  •  Possess a valid DE-964 showing you have completed a Teenage Driver Education Course that says "Drivers license Only" at the top. Texas written test scores are only valid for two years. 
  • If you have a DE964 marked as a "Transfer" you will need to bring in this certificate as well as the "Driver's License Only" certificate from the course you transferred to.
  • Have a valid learner license for a minimum of six months
  • Must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian that completed the parent driving hours with the student. Parent must have their valid driver's license with them.
  • A certificate from the DPS Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) video and receive a certificate dated within 90 days of the skills examination. You can find more information on the ITTD program here.

If you are 18-24 years of age:

  • Possess a valid ADE-1317 showing completion of a Driver Education Course
  • Have a valid learner license
  • A certificate from the DPS Impact Texas Adult Drivers (ITYD) video dated within 90 days of the skills examination. You can find more information on the ITTD program here.
  • If you are over the age of 18 and testing with the DE-964, you must
    also follow all of the requirements of those in the 16-17 year old

If you are 25 years of age or older:

If you are older than 25 and are applying for a Texas driver's license for the first time, you are not required to have completed driver education, however, it is highly recommended.

The DPS-authorized Road Test fee is $75.00. All testing clients are welcome to reserve in advance the use of a Community Driving School vehicle for their road tests, for an additional fee of $50.00. If possible, please contact us ahead of your scheduled road test, in order to confirm the availability of a road test vehicle. If you decide to use your personal vehicle for the road test, this vehicle must have a current inspection/registration sticker, front and rear license plates, and proof of vehicle liability insurance.

Please also note, we do not issue refunds for no call/no show test appointments, and we do not issue refunds to those who show up for their test with incorrect
documents. If you have any questions about the documents you need to bring, please contact us. 

Be prepared for your road test! Download these road test resources.